Handmade treasures

Some recent opp shopping treasures that are making me smile.

Just look at this coat. Isn't it great!
It's made from a woollen blanket.

Someone has put a lot of work into this.
I'd love to know who made it.

I love the rose applique.
And the embroidered linen piece on the back.

After a few photos like the one on the left I realised that maybe it would be easier to photograph the back of the coat if I wasn't wearing it. Yip. What a novel idea.

I found this pretty shirt at the same shop. I love the fabric.

And this wonderful handmade linen table cloth.
The detail is amazing. Many hours of handstitching.

I love the natural colour of the crisp linen.

Some beautiful cloth napkins.
To be used.
Why use papertowels when you can find 6 lovely soft cloth ones for only $3.

I'm wondering what this cloth would be used for. It is very light musliny kind of cotton. About a 40cm square. I'm thinking maybe for covering food? The little loops around the edges may have had beads on them?
Anyway, it's beautiful.
And once again, somebody's hand have spent many an hour on this.

I'd also love to know what this is. I have another one of these. It is a little pouch.
I think I might make a skirt and sew it on as a pocket.


Cut&Alter said...

That cost is just awesome - what a find!!! Love all the linen too - I agree about using the napkins we try to use 'nice' things too in our house because I think a lot of things are just wasted if you 'keep for best'. x

Kimberlee and Lies said...

waaaw such beautiful finds. love the shirt and the coat makes me smile and gosh the colorful linen cloth is stunning! Lies

sweetp said...

oh wow that coat is "fabulous dah-ling"

Anonymous said...

What a cool coat, and I love the shirt, so super sweet.
Your opp shop is so good, makes me want to drive 2 hours just to go!

Heart Felt said...

Fantastic finds....love the coat and your shirt is very pretty...well done. x

Jac said...

Wow Hanna! What a lot of lovely finds! I love your cloth napkins, they look so pretty and it's nice to have things that are beautiful and functional.