Feijoas, and feijoas, and feijoas

Well I think it's goodbye to the feijoas for another year.
I do really love feijoas, but I must say I was kinda getting sick of the smell of them in the kitchen.
We have 15 big jars of stewed feijoas.
4 jars of feijoa jam.
5 jars of feijoa and cinnamon jam.
And we had 1 jar of dried feijoas, but they didn't last long before they were gobbled up.
I have a small bag of feijoas left in the fridge that I may put into the dehydrator, if I can be bothered.

So anyway, we have enough preserved to last us until next season. Because you really should eat feijoas all year round I think.
The kids agree too, they have fallen in love with the fruit just like their mum.
And they were great little helpers with all the feijoa stuff that went on.
Most of their help was about testing and sampling of course.

Preparing feijoas in the morning sun.

With a helper on my right.

And a helper on my left.


flapjacs said...

I am VERY jealous but not for long hopefully, I just planted a feijoa in my garden a few weeks ago, hoping for fruit next year :)
Did you know they are almost impossible if not impossible to export since they only have a couple of day shelf life. Never seen one in Japan.

taisa said...

I've never tasted them, but now I want to try...

mee said...

Well, believe it or not Hanna, they are still falling off the trees here!I got sick of them looong before you did!Mxx

Ange said...

My mum's just initiated my wee boy into a strong love affair with them, so we bought a little bag of them last night.
Love it when he asks for actual fruit ...

Tonya Gunn said...

I have never heard of them... thank you for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful blog and I am looking forward to reading more.