Ra and Frith's wedding

Here are some photos as promised...
(I didn't want to make this post too photo heavy so you can see more pics here).

Mr and Mrs Knight.

Them and their gorgeous boys.

Just married.

Frith's dress was made from an original 1950's pattern and vintage fabric from Salvage.

Her beautiful hair flower made to match by this very talented lady.
(You can see another picture of it here and here)

A pretty bride on one side and a Mustang on the other. A good day.

The beautiful couple.

Us looking crazy.
And somewhat bedraggled - the end of a long day. (That can be my excuse anyway).
(I'll take a better picture of my dress when a resurrect it from the crumpled mess at the bottom of the washing basket. And Isla's too).

Liam was loving all that crazyness!
I'll show you some pictures of the table settings and some of the details tomorrow.
Frith put so much work into the wedding, so many little details and everything vintage and handmade. I don't know where she found the time to get it all done!
But it made for a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

The dresses look stunning - the fabric is delicious!

mee said...

Wacky wacky family!(I'm allowed to say that cos I'm one of them) Those face-enhancing-spectacle-pics will forever bring a smile. You've done a fantastic job of getting all the photos out there for folk to enjoy, Hanna! xx

Heart Felt said...

The brides dress and your dress look stunning. xx