My most favourite shop in the world

Read about it and see pretty pictures of it here.
Shelves and shelves of the most beautiful vintage fabrics, the kind of fabrics you always dream of finding at your local opp shop.
Plus lace and trims and buttons and all sorts of other pretty things.
I could have bought the whole shop.

My sister Frith is getting married in a couple of months and had planned on finding herself a pretty vintage wedding dress. But it turns out pretty vintage wedding dresses are hard to come by!
So instead she has found herself a vintage dress pattern and was in search of some vintage fabric.
Hence the visit to Salvage.
She found the most wonderful fabric, just perfect.
And the lovely lady behind the counter is ever so helpful and sweet, she spent a good hour with us going through the old and confusing dress pattern and laying it all out to make sure we had enough fabric.
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that beautiful fabric before Frith carried it off home. But I will share pictures of the finished product when it's all done. It's going to be beautiful.
And for me,
How could I leave that lovely shop without my own special parcel tucked under my arm.
I love this.
It's going to be a dress.
And hopefully I get it finished in time to wear to the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Yes that is a fab shop alright, and yes the Lady that helped us was very sweet and helpful.
You better get pattern hunting and dress sewing, the wedding will be here before you know it, I better get that Dad of ours over so we can get started on mine!

Jessicah said...

That fabric is of the first sewing shops I went to up here- so much to look a but I felt like I needed a specific project to buy anything for. Your dress will be lovely!

Heart Felt said...

Beautiful fabric! Very inspiriing...xx

melissa said...

oohh, that is the loveliest fabric. i can't wait to see what you make!

mee said...

Hey Hanna, when you've finished yours perhaps you could help me with my 'mother-of-the-bride' outfit too!! lovely fabric!

GG said...

What a shop - do they do gift vouchers? Am thinking could send you with one in hand for birthdays and Christmas - Lov GG