Summer in a jar

I just picked the last of the plums off the tree.
It feels a bit sad really. I love our little plum tree, it means summer. I have very vivid memories of last summer and little Liam under the tree eating all those good juicy plums. Best eaten unclothed to prevent plum stains.

We are planning on extending this wee house of ours in the near future, and there is a very real possiblity that the plum tree will have to go.
I only had enough for two jars, we could have easily just eaten them.
But instead they needed to be preserved.

Isla helped me bottle them up.

Well, kind of.

She was sure these were bangles

They look delicious, and I'm tempted to open them right away! ha!

But no, we'll keep them, and enjoy them later. And remember summer.


Anonymous said...

What a fashion Dive Isla is! You never know she might start a new fashion trend, 'agee screw top bangles' I could see how that would catch on. xx

Anonymous said...

oh my word - you're a brave woman having your kid on the bench like that! i am so jealous :)

yum for plums. no way can you cut it down.

Ange said...

what a glam wee girl you have there!! and those plums ain't half bad, either ...