Ra and Frith's wedding cont...

The reception was held in a neat old hall.
With wooden floors and lots of room for little feet to run wild.

The tables were dressed with vintage tablecloths.

Lots and lots of beautiful old tablecloths.

And then lots and lots of beautiful old plates.

This is the one that I ate off. Isn't it pretty.

The ladies had handmade felt hearts on their plates.
Some with ribbon to hang.
Some with pins to wear as brooches.

The men-folk had caramels and peppermints.

The children's table had cute vintage handkerchiefs.

Metres of fabric bunting was strung above the tables.

The mismatched pretty name cards came from here.

And at the back of the hall a little cosy spot was set up.
For hanging and chatting.

Many hands put in many hours of work (many many old linens to iron!).
But Frith's hands worked the hardest.
And she did an amazing job bringing it all together.
And it was a beautiful day.
xx congratulations Frith and Ra.

ps. Frith will be visiting here next week with a couple of tutorials for some things she made for the wedding - aye Frith - don't forget.
And by the way you can see more photos here.

ETA - Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any half decent pictures of the beautiful cake. But fortunately our beautiful talented cake making friend Briar captured it and blogged on it here.


briar said...

awesome pics Hanaa, shows the journey to what was a wonderful day, look forward to seeing you again soon hopefully.
love Briar

sweetp said...

It looks just magical. Congratulations Frith

apples for poppy anne said...

What a lovely wedding! Similar to (yet much more pretty details)our wedding to which I wore jeans:)
Thanks for stopping by my site! I love your blog and can honestly say I will be adding you to my side bar and visit often!

ashley morgan said...

Hello fellow Heart of Light giveaway winner! Nice blog, and your sister's wedding was beautiful. I adore mismatched table settings.

Rachel said...

I love all these details!

P.S. You are on of my five pay it forward people, but I don't have you email address. Can you email me so I can get your mailing info? xo

speckled egg said...

What a beautiful wedding! So eclectic and pretty. Makes me want to get married again!

Jessicah said...

Congrats to the happy couple (family!) What a stunning and fun day. I love the vintagey detailling- what a commitment to find all those lovely plates, linens and fabrics! I love the idea of a cosy lounge- we have a room out the back of the hall we are using as a reception which would be perfect for this, thanks!

Jac said...

Hello Hanna! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I'm so pleased you found me because it led me back here! Your blog is lovely and I'll be stopping by soon, to go through your older posts. Oh and the wedding looks fantastic - you must have had such a great day - the details are just so lovely!

kimberlee said...

I have never seen a vintage themed wedding like that before, I really love it. so pretty! the table settings were especially impressive,I would love to eat at such a table