Treasure hunt

I think that's one of the reasons why I like opp shopping so much (or thrifting as they call it up there in the north).
It's like a treasure hunt.

These are the treasures I bought home from my most recent hunt.
Including the carry basket.
You may recognise the picture from this post.

A teatowel.
Two tins.
Two Duraware cups.
In great colours.

A hat and cardigan for Isla. Needed more winter cardis.
Cotton blanket for Liam's bed. Been looking for something like this for a while.

Vintage Pyrex.
How could I leave this behind!
The colour!
And the print!

Envirosax shopping bag.
Had my eye on these for a while.
Can't believe I found one at the opp shop.
And for only 50c!

Another cardigan for Isla.
Uncanningly similar style to the one I am (very slowly) knitting right now.
And I had change from $20.
I tell Aaron often how lucky he is that I'm an opp shopper ;)
I rarely buy things new.
There is no need to with all these treasures out there.
I recommend you go visit an opp shop near you.


Rennae said...

I love a good treasure hunt too. I really love it when my finds are colour coordinated. It happened to me yesterday, love it. Your finds are fantastic, love all those blues and the cardigans are too cute.

Stacey said...

I love finding great things too. I give a lot to the shops too as I think it increases my op shop karma.

I love the little knitted things and those gorgeous pyrex dishes. Nice spotting!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! (thift jealousy)
Oppshops are fab, I think it is probably in our jeans!
Why today I am wearing a cool apricot cardi that I picked up from my local thift shop for only 50c, yip thats what I said 50c, I just put some cool vintage buttons on it and it looks great!

Heart Felt said...

Love all of it! Great opp shop finds! x

Ange said...

Oooh, pyrex envy!!

taisa said...

Wow, if thrifting was like this in my town, I'd be a happy woman! I do find some great things, but the pickings are rather slim in my neck of the woods. No vintage pyrex to be sure!

Unknown said...

Great finds - you did well!

Jac said...

Wow! that is some haul! I am always a teeny bit jealous of all the marvellous things bloggers seem to find in charity shops! You came away with some brilliant finds there Hanna - clever you!

Mary Beth said...

I seriously want to go thrifting in New Zealand! Unbelievable! I will have to live vicariously through you.