Whilst whe're on the subject...

Of summer fruits and preserving.
I don't think it gets much better than this.

Freshly made strawberry freezer jam on homemade bread.

Aaron's mum gave me this special little packet of jam making mix that she got from the USA.
And inside were instructions for making this most delicious jam.
The strawberries aren't cooked at all (hence it must be stored in the freezer) so they taste so fresh and wonderful.

What you do is boil up the sugar and powdered mix out of the box with some water for a few minutes and then just mix the crushed strawberries in.
I'm not sure if the mix in this box was just regular fruit pectin but I have found lots of recipies on the internet for freezer jam using regular fruit pectin. I think I may give some of them a go. How about plum freezer jam... or apricot.... or cherry!



Our Green Nest said...

That looks yummy!

mee said...

Would that bread be baked in your new tin?? Looks nearly as good as my 'Ikea-instant-mix-norwegian-rye-bread'!!

Anonymous said...

Im getting off the computer and making some fresh bread right now!