Summer fruit

One of the many things I love about the summer season is the fruit it brings. My favourite are strawberries, then following closely behind are cherries, nectarines, apricots, plums and peaches. So much goodness all at once!
Doesn't fruit taste so much better in season, and so so much better when fresh off the tree.
We have an old plum tree in our garden that has the most delicious big red plums on it. But it's a small tree with only enough fruit to eat fresh, and no leftovers for preserving.

My dad on the other hand has the blessing of many fruit laden trees to choose from.
And when we visited during our little holiday we were very lucky to leave with one whole tree load of plums all bottled up in jars.

Collecting all the plums off the chosen tree

Isla 'sorting' the plums

Cooking the plums up

Look at all that lovely yummy plum goodness


Heart Felt said...

Don't you love summer! The fruit is incredible....I love plums off the tree. xx

Melissa said...

ohh, you're toturing me! hehee.. not really. i love your plum photos- especially those little hands of isla's sorting them.