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I've been wanting to make homemade peanut butter for ages.
I remember my mum making it when we were young and thinking it was yuk, because it didn't taste like the bought stuff.

I was young and foolish.

This stuff is so good I think I will never buy peanut butter again.

With this peanut butter and our strawberry jam our morning toast is wonderful at the moment.
To make this ::
I roasted about 2 cups of peanuts in the oven for about 10 minutes then put them in my blender and whizzed them up adding a little oil until I had a nice paste. Then seasoned with a bit of salt.
Easy peasy.


Our Green Nest said...

Oh YES, homemade nut butters are WAY better (tasting and for you!)...Hey, BTW, did I ever tell you we loved your bread recipe you shared awhile back?? Well we did :)!

Miss Smith said...

Last time I made peanut butter the food processor blew up...but it was worth it because it was sooooo yummy. And now I have to go and look up your bread recipe, judging by the comment above!

mee said...

Sometimes mothers actually do now whats 'best' eh?

mee said...

p.s even if their spelling is faulty at times!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of oil did you use?

from Enola in the USA
(pls tell me something I can find in the US)

hanna said...

Hi Enola
I hope you check back here as your email address didn't show up.
I used grape seed oil, I prefer grape seed to olive oil as it doesn't really have any flavour to compete with the peanut flavour.
But you could use any oil that you like.