Homemade Marmalade

I had one more lot of new old things to show, but I'm bored with that now.
So instead some productivity from my weekend.

Lime and ginger marmalade.

I'm having a generous helping right now on some bread.
It's sweet and tangy and not at all bitter. Sometimes I find marmalades a little bitter.
I'm a marmalade amature, this was my first go at making marmalade and I'm pretty happy with the results. The house smelled wonderful while it was cooking too.
The limes are off mums tree. Thanks mum.
Here's the recipe if you know someone with a lime tree or are lucky enough to have one yourself.

:: Lime and Ginger Marmalade ::

- 1 kg of limes
- 2 litres boiling water
- 1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger
- 1.5 kg sugar
- 100g chopped preserved ginger

Slice limes thinly (and chop up a bit if you want). Place in a bowl and cover with the boiling water. Leave overnight. The next day simmer for about 1 hour or until the rinds are tender. Add fresh ginger and sugar and boil for 20 mins (I boiled it for about 40 mins and it actually could have done with a little more as it's slightly runny still). Remove from heat and stir in preserved ginger. Stand for 10 mins before pouring into sterilised jars. Seal - and label with pretty labels. I cut my labels from the empty sugar bag :o)

I dream of having a pantry full of jars of homemade things. So hopefully this is just the first of many afternoons spent boiling and brewing and bottling.


Rennae said...

That looks good. I have some lemons here I'm thinking of making into lemon butter.

turehutinker said...

Delicious. Reminds me of Granny and her wholemeal toast and marmalade every morning. Must be a secret to old age. Im also a bit of a fan of lemon butter :)

hanna said...

Mmm lemon butter sounds good, is it the same as lemon honey?

Anonymous said...

Theres nothing like a slice of thin cut old fashioned Connons wholemeal toast with marmalade to take me right back to Granny & Puppys' little kitchen table at the bottom of Goodall street-especially if it is Tiny Grannys scottish marmalade recipe! Nothing beats it!