Packing our bags

Well, were off on Saturday morning. 4.30 am (!). Today is packing day. The kids passports thankfully arrived this morning - phew.
Well be visiting family in Australia for a week.

I'll be packing Isla's new outfit into her suitcase.

This is my third attempt at making tights (how hard can it be!). Pattern number 3 is a success so I'm making more now. Some black merino ones and some red striped ones.
I hope all my little seedlings in the garden don't wither up and die while we're away.
And I hope no strawberries go to waste.

It's only a week, and no doubt it will rain while we're gone (think positively).
So bye for now, see you in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

Your strawberries will get a reprieve from one little boy for a week! They look very yummy-much nicer than the shop bought ones i bet.Have a safe and happy holiday.Mxx

Heart Felt said...

Love the outfit! Have a great trip! xx

blackie said...

I like the textures of the fibres you've used for those clothes. I'm hopeless with stretch fabric so not game to attempt leggins - well done. And the strawberries...yum! Bring on summer fruits!

turehutinker said...

Hi Holiday Girl. Have a wonderful time and bring me back a snake XOXO

Sally Anne said...

Isla will be a belle in that outfit, have a wonderful holiday and I am sure there will be some strawberries when you come home again.

speckled egg said...

Our daughters share the same name! Your blog is deligtful I hope you don't mind if I add it to my links.