New old things 4

So today's new old things to show....

All sorts of wonderful old cutlery, all from my Grandma in Christchurch.

These travelled up with the tractor on the previous post.
Aren't I lucky.
I've been using the bone handled knives lots - I was going to take a pretty picture of them spreading butter on hearty home made bread, but I've been a bit slack in the bread making department in the last little while. So you'll just have to imagine.
I like eating my breakfast with the chunky silver spoons.

I just did some sewing (something I never seem to have time for lately).
For me!
And it came out ok and fits!

(Excuse the dirty bathroom mirror)

I managed to make this from start to finish, including making the pattern up, while the kids had their afternoon nap. I love it when they nap together.
I've had this fabric for ages, I found it at the opp shop, which is where most my fabric seems to come from. I've been meaning to make it into a top since I brought it home. It's nice and heavy and flowy (I think it's crepe?) and I love the colour. I was going to make something out of one of my Japanese craft books but time was of the essence and those patterns can be a bit time consuming to figure out and draw up. So instead I grabbed a good old faithful top out of the wardrobe that I've had for many years (from the opp shop - of course) and traced around it.

I think I may make another one and maybe this time I'll document it and put a tutorial on here and share the pattern with you all. A good quick 'while they nap' project.


Anonymous said...

My favourite colour! Looks great on you too.Mxx

sweetp said...

Love the top, looks lovely and floaty and very comfy

Anonymous said...

Very nice, glad to see you have made something for yourself, I love the colour too xoxox