New old things

As promised I'm going to do a week of new old things. (Old things new to me).
I love new old things and quite a few seem to have made their way into our home in the last few weeks, so I thought I'd share some pictures of our newly acquired treasures.
It's all about bowls today. Lots of bowls. I like the idea of using wooden bowls for the kids rather than plastic and have been searching the opp shops for ages in the hopes of finding some.

As you can imagine I was very happy to find not one bowl but seven. I found these while opp shopping with my sister in her little local opp shop and they cost me basically nothing! I had a big (BIG) box of things which the sweet old lady only charged me $5 for. Oh how I love small town opp shops. That (BIG) box would have set me back probably about $40 in an Auckland op shop.

Also in that same box was this super pretty enamel bowl in which my onions and garlic are currently residing.

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Heart Felt said...

Wonderful finds - I prefer to use wooden bowls for the kids too.