Why I love summer

Well one of the reasons anyway...
Sunlight hours! I love the long summer days we have, days when you can play outside after dinner. Or go for walks to the beach. Which is what we did to kick off our long weekend.
Our first after dinner walk, the first of many in the coming months I'd say. It was still a little cool and getting dark by time we reached home again but the promise of summer is in the air.
We set the camera on the timer and took a family silhouette picture.

I bought these pohutakawa leaves back with me, I can't resist picking them up, they are always so beautiful, every one unique.

It was a lovely way to start a lovely weekend full of lots of gardening and more beach visits.

I hope you also had a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

we took an accidental silhouette picture this summer that turned out to be my favorite snapshot of all - made me think of a beach boys album, lol. :^)

love those leaves - i was just out photographing in the yard this afternoon thinking how many pictures of leaves do i need?! a lot, apparently. ;^)

sweetp said...

Love the silhouette pic.

Sounds like the perfect weekend xx

Ps. I want some wooden bowls now lol

Anonymous said...

enough to make anyone VERY homesick!