New old things number 2

Here's the second lot of new old things that have made their way into our home lately.
Two sweet summer dresses for Isla.

Isn't the one on the left so retro!
I found both of these on that opp shop outing with my sister, all sorts of treasures were discovered on that outing.

I'm looking forward to the weather warming little more so I can put her in them.


Our Green Nest said...

Such cute dresses!!! Glad to have found your blog - tu so much for visiting mine and your sweet comment. I'm officially following yours now :) - be back soon!

turehutinker said...

HI Hanna. I love your photos.
Your op shopping reminds me of the fun your mum and I used to have doing the same thing. I miss those ol haunts up this way although we do have a community shop.
Ash's baby is very relaxed due in part that she is a thumb sucker lol. I loved the birth. It's such an honour to be invited into someones birthing room.
Babies are beautitul. Children joy joy joy.
Have a great day. xoxoxox

Rennae said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have been enjoying reading through your archives, it is beautiful and inspiring.