Jam and things

Not much happening today.

Liam before breakfast. One wet sock, worm in one hand, snail in the other.

We used up the last of the jam on our toast this morning so we went jam shopping.
Liam's a big fan of jam. If you ask him what he wants on his toast he'll say marmite but he doesn't know what he's talking about because the marmite ones always get tossed to the side and the jam ones get gobbled up.

Isla wore her new hand-me-down shoes, cool aye

Being a lovely fresh sunny morning we decided to go via the park. Liam collected up a good pile of matching leaves while Isla smiled gleefully from the swing. I used a cloth nappy to dry the slide and I just realised we left it there. Perhaps we will go back tomorrow and see if it's still there. I'm sure the kids won't mind another park visit.
The opp shop is near the park so we dropped in on the off chance that there might just be some little pots of homemade jam.
No jam, but a very cool old toy that we bought home with us. This will be helpful in teaching Liam his counting.

We had a big toy clean out, tidy up, bedroom rearrange when we got home and now the kids have a little play corner in Liam's room where all the toys have a home.
Including this little container of pegs (thanks to Aunty Josie's suggestion) which have already been played with lots.

Isla enjoyed them while Liam was having a nap but now Liam has claimed them.

Liam playing with pegs up high out of Isla-reach

Anyway must dash and get dinner organised, whole baked fish which I've never done before so hopefully it turns out ok (and we don't choke on any bones!)
Oh and yes we got some jam. Plum and ginger. So Liam will be happy come morning.


Sally Anne said...

What a beautiful family you have, I laughed when I saw the photo of Liam with the worm and snail...we are never too "young" to enjoy the simple good things in life! Have another great day today.

turehutinker said...

Hey Hanna I love the little feet!
It's so funny that Liam is wandering around with worms and snails. Little nature explorer. Is he wanting to put them in his empty jam jars? He could make a worm snail farm and watch them for a day. lol

sweetp said...

Oh those shoessssssssssssss. I want some for me!!

Heart Felt said...

Poor Liam, who's going to tell him that, that trick will only work for a little while longer....sisters always want what their big brother has! xx