Sunshine and sewing

Well the storms have finally passed, and my washing should be safe on the line again. We have one less tree and uprooted brocolli plants thanks to the wind, and the rain has visited in our laundry room, but apart from that we are fairly unscathed. I hope those affected in the rest of the country are managing to get things back in order.
There has been more raining than crafting around here lately, though I have made this...

A place to store all Liam's drawing supplies. I had them all in a box on the floor where he could get to them easily but it was a bit chaotic and taking up precious floor space in our wee house. So I think this is a much better solution. He 'helped' in the making of it too, threw some pins around and insisted he sit on my knee at the sewing machine. It is quite difficult to sew a straight line with a little head bobbing around in front of you and little fingers trying to get close to the needle.

I've also been doing some craft planning, (quite a bit of this goes on actually, lots of ideas and not enough time). This will turn into some little shirts and some little dresses when I have a chance. Hopefully in time for Isla's spring wardrobe.

And there has been some craft receiving too...

This cute little bird arrived in the mail from my sweet sister - thankyou Frith!

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