I found one of those heavily laden fruit trees I was talking about

Grapefruit for breakfast. Yum.

And a lemon tree too.


Unknown said...

I love having a grapefruit for breakfast. I'm right in the middle of making some sorbet that is pomegranate flavor but calls for some fresh grapefruit juice. I can't wait to see what it taste like.

Anonymous said...

hooray for grapefruit! I miss our tree in Auckland. I have quite a thing about fruit trees in peoples gardens and that is a website idea I have had for some time now - is a fruit tree directory of sorts, where you can arrange some kind of thing with the owner of a local fruit tree.

Our neighbour had a whole orchard out the back of their place. We had mandarin jam coming out our ears last year (and still do in fact - we brought it with us)