Christmas decorating

I've been snapping photos here and there of our Christmas decoration happenings. It's always so much fun getting out that suitcase again and re-discovering all the little bits and pieces stored inside. The kids are really enjoing it this year, just being that little bit older, so they understand more what's happening.

Christmas decoration suitcase
Preparing for Christmas
Preparing for Christmas

I've just realised I haven't taken a photo of the nativity set I bought, it's so cute - photo to come later this week :) Must get back to my to-do list :)

Snow globe
Collecting the Christmas tree
decorating the Christmas tree
Christmas tree and stockings
Christmas wreath making - honeysuckle
Christmas wreath making
Christmas wreath
Christmas wreath


Lola said...

hi, just had to say I love your stockings and your wreaths... so beautiful.

Em said...

Love your wreaths! (and the photo of the tree in the car!)

Anonymous said...

This looks so much fun. Wonderful shaped tree for a natural one. Doug would be envious. The photos of the cousins yesterday were special too. Gorgeous pose of Isla.
Our present needs to go under the tree unopened until Xmas or until you open the presents - that is the box needs to remain closed, or all will be revealed.

Mee said...

Hanna-you found room for a tree! How did you manage that?! And a very nice tree it is too.

molly said...

I cannot fathom shorts at Christmas!!

Looks like a huge dose of good fun. A very merry to you and the gang!


Diane said...

Lovely wreath (wreaths? Is it the same one or are there more?)
I'm quite envious of you having a real tree, reminds me of when I was little...

Stella said...

It all looks so lovely! Love that snow globe too... I looooooove snow globes... But they are so very hard to find (nice ones anyway...).