Saying hi from the kitchen

I've just been pottering around in the kitchen, preparing dinner,
Jamie Oliver's Perfect Roast Chicken, for the first time,
I'm hoping of course that it's going to live up to it's name.
Kids are both sleeping (whoop! - Liam very rarely has day sleeps now).
I'm finally taking down that chamomile that has been strung up in the kitchen window drying. Perhaps I'll brew some up soon.
And I'm thinking about this here blog and that I really should post something one of these days. It seems like it's been such a big break and I've got all these Christmas and holiday kind of blog posts all a jumble in my head and I don't know where to start.
So hey, here I am, In my kitchen, forgetting about all those holiday and Christmas kind of posts that never got written. And instead just saying "hello and I'm back" and lets get on with it and I might just share some bits and bobs of Christmas etc stuff later, maybe.


Oh look there's some Christmas stuff creeping into this post after all.
New flour sifter (top one) and blue striped mustard pot from my sisters.
Oh and cute measuring spoons from mum (can you spy them hanging in two of the other photos).


Mary Beth said...

I love your kitchen, Hanna. Hello!

Rhiannon said...

What a gorgeous kitchen you have!
And I hope the chook was every bit as delicious as the recipe claimed it would be : )

julie said...

Hello! I'm a new commenter but I have been following your blog for a little while.

Lovely kitchen :)

melissa said...

wow- your kitchen is truly amazing. i love all your lovey vintage stuff too!
welcome back- i missed readig your blog :)

melissa said...

oops- typos galore- sorry!

Anonymous said...

More please, I to am missing your blog o sister xx

Hannah said...

Such a lovely kitchen! I hope the chicken recipe lived up to it's name.

Rose and Ivy said...

Love your kitchen as well!! All the crockery and the different tins and tubs. I really need a bread bin just like yours!

Amber said...

You're kitchen is SO cute!