Cake and zoo

So we finished off our birthday celebrations for Isla with some cake and singing on Friday night, and a trip to the zoo on Saturday - so much fun.
Here are some photos.
Hope you had a great weekend.

Wholemeal carrot cake with cream cheese icing - Yum!

Birthday celebration candle holder - like the one I made for Liam
I made her a special crown too, like Liam's, and then forgot to give it to her!

We all loved our zoo visit
It's so amazing seeing all these magestic animals in real life

I love how they were just peacefully basking in the sun.
Look at this guy's hair!
Isla posing by the otters - she's such a girl :)


Anonymous said...

Nice dress Isla, you look so pretty xx

melissa said...

wow- such beautiful children you have! and i really love love love that cake.

happy birthday, i!

nz green buttons said...

Happy birthday to your little one. I love the zoo photos and oh that cake is just darling!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday sweet Isla!

I adore that lovely cake you made her. It is so very sweet and imaginative.

I see you spotted baby Madju playing in the grass on your Zoo outing! He just turned 4 on the 6th of November. I worked for Auckland Zoo for 4 years prior to having Sofia so I know all their names.

Our Green Nest said...

SO sweet! That cake is adorable!! I love her little pose :).

RunninL8 said...

Hey there from Alaska! I am LOVING your blog! What a fabulous cake and wonderful day!!!
Beautiful photos and inspiration!
I’ve been discovering a lot of new (to me) blogs and it’s been wonderful to find so many like minded people!
Feel free to drop by my blog as well. I’ve been enjoying posting more prolifically lately- Advent/holiday gift ideas, recipes, insights and tutorials.
Off I go to peruse more of your blog-love those sweat aprons! Happy holidays!

Katie said...

oh my goodness - the orangutan looks like he's in time out or counting to ten!

what a fun birthday for such a lovely little girl.