Happy Birthday Isla

Two years old today.
Our sweet little bundle of cuteness.
Sometimes I do wonder how you can be so darn cute! he he xx

(group hug this morning - with new baby doll from my dad - she LOVES it, see)

It's a stunning day here today, a lovely day indeed to celebrate being born.
And a lovely day to take a walk to the beach for a little picnic if I do say so.

(getting the sand between our toes - which we weren't actually that pleased about)

(collecting a big pocket full of sea glass in pretty colours)

(testing the water)

(which led to this...)

(which then led to this...)

(...which resulted in this. And mummy, foolishly, didn't bring extra clothes.)
They're both fast asleep now, all worn out and salty and I've just finished decorating the cake (which you will have to wait till Monday to see). So there is happy birthday singing and candle blowing out etc etc on the agenda tonight, and then tomorrow we are off to visit the zoo - unless the skies open up and the rains come down - but going by today - surely not.


Rennae said...

Too cute, what a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Isla.

homehearthappiness said...

You look like you had a wonderful day. A belated birthday to Isla and I hope you got to the zoo today! xx PS Our recent beach shots don't look anywhere near as tropical!!

briar said...

Happy birthday sweetpea!Hope you have lots of fun making lovley memories together...after all, 2 is just delicious!

Our Green Nest said...

What fun!!! Happy 2nd little cutie!!!

Mary Beth said...

What gorgeous photos, Hanna! Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl. Two years go by in a flash, don't they? Congratulations to mama and child.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Isla. Looks like you had a fantastic time on the beach!

busygnomes said...

Happy birthday Isla, the beach sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.
It's lovely to see how your two love being with each other.

melissa said...

happy, happy birthday little isla!