When you're feeling better

In times of ill health, when you're just feeling rotten, or things are just nasty,
I always tell myself
When I'm better I'm going to be thankful, and enjoy it, and not take it for granted.
I thought about this yesterday afternoon. When we were all feeling not so tired, and a little more healthy.
I noticed
and I enjoyed
some of the little things.

Opp shopping goodies. Waiting for sorting and cleaning.

New scrubbing brush and new (favourite) soap. And a feather from Liam probably.

New art for the wall.

Dishes with a helper.

Aunty Bryony's pumpkin for dinner.

Little hands helping with dinner prep.

Keeping busy for a bit, with mum's beads.

Post nap bed hair.

Two small helpers in the garden.

Bright and fresh.

Little hands. Little tomatoes.

And you know I'm so glad I did, and I'm so glad I captured them with my camera, and I'm so glad I'm writing this post now.
As I need another little reminder this afternoon.
Isla has thrown up again, and both her and Liam have had lots of tears this morning.
Perhaps I spoke too soon yesterday.
Oh dear, I do hope Liam doesn't get it too.
Fortunately they are both having big sleeps just now. Hopefully they are healing kind of sleeps,


kimberlee said...

beautiful photos
and I think you have the prettiest dishes, envy.

I do hope they get better soon, starship is great but its still no fun to be in hospital.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that really sucks! I do love the first part of your blog, all those beautiful things, and people, to be thankfull for (cool tin!!)
Poor little Isley Wiley, tomorrow is another day.

Heather said...

Those blue (Scandinavian?) dishes are beautiful. All the colors in these photos looked nice, too.

melissa said...

oh, i'm sorry to hear about your sicknesses! so glad you are all okay. hope this bug passes very quickly.
all those photos are beautiful. they make me long for autumn in nz!!
take care. x

Helen said...

A lovely post! Hang in there.

You take lovely photos.

x Helen

mee said...

So much to be thankful for though it's hard to see the blessings when weariness and sickness are present. Your photos and comments have reminded me of my 'thankful-fors'-so...thanks!

Heart Felt said...

What a beautiful posting ....thanks so much, I really needed this! xx

Warren Pearson said...

Hi Aaron and Hanna - glad you're all feeling better. Mum mentioned the spell Isla had. That sounds kind of scary.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get your scrubbing brush from?