Home grown

Apples from mum's trees.
I get really excited about home grown produce.
Kind of silly thing to get excited about really. I suppose.

Freshly dug potatoes from Dada.

Growing up on a lifestyle block we were pretty much self sufficient. We had pigs, chickens, cows, sheep and a huge vege garden and an orchard. And a cow my dad milked.
But you know, I really didn't appreciate it, I was used to it, didn't realise how lucky I was.

Dada's special purple potatoes.
Now I live in the suburbs and fresh produce is a lot harder to come by.
Fresh and home grown produce just tastes SO much better, and it's (hopefully) spray-free.

A BIG bag of feijoas from mum. These are what I get most excited about. Love feijoas.
We joined my Dad for a roast dinner on Saturday night, and everything on our plate came from the paddocks around us. And it was so good. And then the following morning we were sampling fresh milk straight from the cows. Tastes so so much better than from the shop.

Pumpkin from Dada. Now being eaten as soup. Yum.
My garden is a little fuller these days. I haven't had to buy veges for while now, we just eat what we have on hand. We have planted a few fruit trees and will be doing some more very soon.
The shelf holding my preserved fruit and jams is geting rather weighed down. (I'm actually a little worried that it may fall off the wall. Must put up a new shelf this weekend.)

These ones are now in jars on the shelf.
So any way with all this is mind, I was rather merry when I returned home from visiting family in the weeekend with so much lovely stuff .
Thanks Mum. Thanks Dada.
I'm easily pleased :)
And speaking of home grown.
Check out the pumpkin Liam found behind the shed at my sister Adde's house.
He was pretty excited about his find.
" Heaby. Heaby." (heavy) was said lots. In a gruff voice. With lots of grunting.


Anonymous said...

Yip, looks like Adde was the grand winner for the pumpkin growing comp, since everyone elses plants were a failure and my large pumpkin mysteriously disapared out of my back garden!
Is'nt it great getting fresh produce straight from the garden, you can always rely Mum and Dada to come up with the goods.
Must get onto building new gardens again, all I've managed to plant since moving are some pretty spring flower bulbs, hardly going to feed the family.

Miss Smith said...

Oooooh feijoas! Coming from the lower south as I do I never knew about feijoas until I was in my 20s. Now I am a serious feijoa junkie.

Anonymous said...

Great win Hanna - you are right about fresh stuff. We travelled to Stanthorp over Easter ( high above sea level and inland from the Gold Coast ) came back laden with fresh apples, potatoes and tomatoes - you can smell the earth ..and those feijoas - we sure knew about them. Great pumpkin find Liam - heaby heaby heaby - i'll talk to you about that on the phone -GG