I'm just thankful

Thankful that it was Easter so Aaron had four days at home.
Because we ended up in Starship Children's Hospital with Isla on Saturday.
Not really the Easter we had planned.
She had been sick since Friday morning and was very dehydrated.

I'm also thankful...
- That we managed to get an appointment early at the doctors on Saturday.
- For a proactive doctor that told us to go immediately before it got really bad.
- That we have such a wonderful children's hospital only a 1/2 hour drive from us. With lots of pedal cars and toys and playgrounds for an older brother to keep busy with.
- For such sweet and helpful nurses and doctors who obviously love children and are so good at what they do.
- That we got there early in the morning and there weren't too many people around and we didn't have too much waiting to do.

- That Isla drank the fluids, which meant no needles or tubes.
- That she didn't throw up all that day until 11pm, so all those fluids stayed in.
- That she is still breastfeeding, as it was the only thing she would take (even if it didn't always stay down).
- For a wonderful husband who washed and dried LOTS of laundry, and kept the house up and running.
- That we decided to go for a walk Friday morning before it all began, as the rest of the weekend was spent indoors.
- That Isla is almost back to her cheerful self and it seems the rest of us are safe and the bug has departed.
Photos taken at our local beach on Easter Friday.


sweetp said...

Oh no, I hope she is all better now. What a scare for you all xx

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Oh my dear! I'm happy all of you are ok X Yes we are very lucky with the starship. Bless Isla X

BellaBree said...

hey Hanna
so sorry that wee Isla was sick, and so thankful for all the things you said....bless ya all chicky