Wardrobe clearout

I've been reading lately about simplicity, about slowing down, about creating 'space' in our lives. Life can get crazy busy at times, I'm guilty of filling my days up too much, especially with our home schooling - there are so many cool classes to do and so many people to catch up with that it's hard to say no and your days just get filled to the brim.
So I'm being conscious, I'm trying to pull back a bit, take a breath, enjoy time with my children without always rushing them to the next thing.
And this applies to all areas of life, not just time. I'm trying to simplify my STUFF. 
But honestly, In reality I'm never going to be a minimalist, (my creative design loving brain just loves too many things!) but I am inspired by minimalism, and I have always loved the quote from William Morris - "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
Well, when I looked in my wardrobe there were many things that I did not consider to be useful or beautiful! So why on earth were they in my wardrobe I ask myself! Agh, messy! Stuffed full! Look! Eeek! How embarrassing really!
I'm fascinated by the capsule wardrobe, the idea that you just have a set limited number of items, just a few clothes that you love, and that you enjoy wearing, and you only replace them when they wear out. Imagine how easy it would be to get dressed in the morning! Really we can become so over indulgent when it comes to clothes can't we.
So with all this in mind I decided to have a massive clear out! I pulled EVERYTHING out!
And I sorted and folded and made big wobbling towering piles of clothes that I didn't actually like! And then, I ironed! I ironed all the clothes that needed ironing (Yes mum I ironed!). Because I had all these things hanging in my wardrobe that were crinkly and I could never be bothered ironing them when I was in a rush to get out the door and so I never wore them. Haha! I know, it's taken me 38 years to work this out.
So now this is what my wardrobe looks like - and yes I have a scarf obsession and yes I probably should get rid of some of my scarves, but I do actually love and wear all these.
And the towering pile of clothes that are NOT going back in my wardrobe! Too many! I'm slightly ashamed. But also feeling very proud of my accomplishment. It pretty much took me all day, with exhaustion breaks. And... It inspired Aaron to follow suit and clear out his side of the wardrobe too! So then for the next day every time I walked past I had to open the doors and just have a look at the whole thing and be amazed.


Rain said...

Fantastic job! I've been working up my courage to do the same thing. I also love things too much to be a minimalist, but I am inspired by their message of simplicity. I do agree that those things I have should bring me joy, and if they don't they should leave my house to find a new owner. ; )

Celia said...

Your closet is so beautifully colorful! Love the idea of taking time to care for (and iron) the things you've been meaning to get to for ages.

Mee said...

Go you! Glad you tried the ironing too-it's actually a really relaxing activity. I wonder if it's the gloom of wet winter that has inspired you to 'simplify' and reduce as it's what I've been doing too. Helps to be working at an Op shop too ;) Straight into a bag and straight out the door! However...I've got onto the "Refashioning" train and have made 'new' some of my old garments that I love but never wear. Just a bit of patterned fabric or a seam taken in can work wonders. Even added a length of lace to a too-short jersey and voila! I've just made Evie a tunic out of a tartan wool scarf I picked up at said Op Shop. Very cute! So, what's in your pile I could use....;)