Free plants

When I go on walks I like to pick pieces off plants and put them in my pocket. Does anyone else do this? I've got some really cool houseplants now from pieces that I've collected from here and there. I can't confess to be a propagating expert, I have no idea if what I'm picking at the time will actually grow new roots or whether it will just shrivel up and die. But that's actually kind of part of the appeal in a way - will it work? Will it make a baby plant? And I get such a kick out of it when it does work!

I also like to transplant baby plants that randomly pop up in my garden, and see if they will grow indoors. I figure it's worth a try, it's free after all, and if it doesn't work I can always plant it back outside (if it's still alive!).

I'm not exactly sure what this plant is, but it pops up all over the place in our back yard. So I thought I'd dig one out and give it a go at being an indoors plant for a bit. I've put it in a bathroom that doesn't get a lot of natural light so I'm kind of not holding my breath - but it's been three weeks already and it still looks really happy! I wonder how long it will last?

These are two plants that have taken very well to living inside, the one in the terrarium grew from a piece that I picked off a climber on a walk to the beach one day. It's very happily growing in Liam's room. And the other one in the wooden bowl I dug out of my garden - this one is quite cool as it's been in here for about three years, and being confined to the pot has kept it small, it has multiplied but has not grown huge like it does in my garden. - It's an Arum Lily and it's considered a pest, which I can attest to! But indoors it's quite sweet, I might just have to dig out some more to bring inside.

And these ones below are newer editions to the indoor plant family. Two baby Monstera plants which I dug out of my sister's lawn which are just getting settled in, a fern from under my house, and some baby aloes picked off a massive mamma plant which I came across on our forest walk last week. The jury is still out on whether these ones will survive and flourish.

Below are my latest pickings. Sometimes I put them straight into soil and sometimes I leave them in a glass of water for a while to see if they will grow roots first. I like to keep them in my kitchen on the windowsill so I can monitor them (and not forget about watering them!). I will let you know how they go. Fingers crossed!

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