Free art from magazines

Not that I need more artwork, I actually have too much artwork already and I'm spending far too long deciding where to hang it all. Until now I haven't had much space to hang the many paintings and various other works of art I've collected over the years, and now that I have all these nice big white walls it's kind of daunting. I'm kind of finding it hard to know where to begin, so I'm taking it very slowly. So yes, I shouldn't be complicating things by adding more art to the mix! But anyway, I couldn't resist.
I pulled this lovely orchid sketch straight from the magazine on the top of the stack there. During 2014/15 Your Home and Garden ran a series of these flower sketches that were designed to be removed from the magazine and used as art, the underside of the page is blank so you can just tear it out. I'm not sure how many months they ran them for but these ones are June, July, November 2014, and January 2015. I bought them all from the opp shop (so keep your eye out if you want some art too).
The reason I chose the yellow orchid is because, well firstly I just like yellow, and secondly, I just happened to have this old yellow frame lying around waiting to be used for something. I had bought the frame from the op shop months ago simply because I liked the yellow! And look it was only $1, bargain, how could I not buy it! I liked the little yellow borders on the mat, but unfortunately it was a bit crusty and stained so I brushed some white paint over it all.
So there you have it, new artwork for free + $1 frame = perfect. This photo was taken in the hallway, but I've put it in guest bedroom now, it adds some bright cheerfulness to the room.


Mee said...

I seem to be the only one visiting your blog now so in order to encourage you, I'll keep on commenting ;) Nice free pic! I shall enjoy it next time I'm in the guest accommodation :)

Stella said...

Not the only one reading, Mee! Such happy colours, this will suit your beautiful house just perfectly!