Character plant pot - DIY


No Favourites for Friday again this week, but another DIY instead, inspired by the last Favourites for Friday - plant pots with faces.
I made this a few weeks ago when my mum was staying and we were feeling crafty. It is made with air dry clay - (such cool stuff! no baking or firing needed).
It didn't come out quite as I had envisioned, it's very handmade looking :) but it's quite cute anyway.

I formed it around a glass jar and pressed shapes into it with various tools and then once it had dried I painted it. You can also cover it with clear nail polish or varnish if you want a shiny finish. You don't really want to get the clay wet once you are finished so I put a small plastic plant pot inside with the drainage holes covered.

And look at the CUTE one that Liam made!


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Mee said...

They are fun! Tip-you could cut a plastic bottle to size and leave that in as a liner.