Rocks for Liam's collection

And one for mine...
Look at that perfect heart.

(Sorry about the slight fuzziness of my photos, it seems like my focus on my camera is not working all of a sudden - may be an excuse to get a new camera?! ooooh!)

He would bring the whole beach home with him if I let him. I convinced him to just choose the most very interesting rocks. He has a quite a large collection of rocks already, and his bedroom can only hold so much!
I must admit it's kind of cool when you look closely at rocks. From a distance they are just a pile of boring grey fairly shapeless forms. But up close they are all so unique. I'm always curious to know their history - were they once inside a volcano, what pressures have they been under to cause them to be the way they are, how far have they travelled?

Isla actually found this rock, but has kindly let Liam keep it, she says she's not really into rocks ;). Look what we found inside when Liam cracked it open... lots of little crystals and geodes.

He also found some nice pieces of coral, and a few extra bits and pieces, as you do!

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