More artwork for Liam's wall

I said in my last post that I would share the artwork that my mum made for Liam's room. I ended up rearranging his wall as his aunty Frith also gave him a map which I framed to hang on his wall too.

Isn't this just so neat! She made up the poem just for Liam. I love the little painted critters. The leaf and the flower are real and the two feathers and some little shells glued on at the bottom. Isn't she so clever! 

The watercolour painting is also one of mum's which I've had for ages and decided to frame up and add to the wall also, the colours tied in nicely with the map.

The creepy spider is a new addition to Liam's display box, he bought it in Melbourne.

And the quilt is new too, I found it at Ikea when we visited Melbourne. It's so perfect for Liam! It looks funny when he's lying in bed with his head sticking out the top.


Mee said...

Just encouraging you to keep up the blog for the faithful few :) No way would I have a spider that big, hanging over me while I was in bed! What if the glass broke and.....!!

Anonymous said...

Just had a look and hoping this will publish. Well what a wonderland of a room. Very clever Mum Grandma and Aunt. His room looks amazing. It must be hilarious with him in bed with the quilt. Thanks so much for posting. GG

Anonymous said...

Cool room! That poem is so clever, didn't realise our mother was such a great poet ;-)