Making new pillows

I was feeling the need to add some new pillows to the couch, freshen things up a bit.  It's very tempting to go out and just purchase some new ones, but instead I thought I should make use of some of my hoards of fabric and give my poor sewing machine a little bit of attention - it really gets so neglected these days.

making new pillows

Wrap, cut, fold, sew, x 2, and we have two new pillow covers. It took all of about 10 minutes, the longest part was choosing the fabric. I just made simple envelope fold covers so no zips or buttons to sew and I used the salvage of the fabric as the exposed edge so they were so quick and simple. (The one on the right Liam bought me, isn't he a lovely boy).

making new pillows

making new pillows

I have an old bean bag that needs re-covering so I should get on to that next. It's not so simple though, I'll need to draught a pattern for it which is always a bit of a drag - I just love a quick fix and a 10 minute fold over zippity zip cushion cover is just so satisfying!


Anonymous said...

Love them!!! Adore your paintings below too! Isla you are so beautiful!!! xx Stace

Liesl Made said...

What a great upgrade. :)

Unknown said...

That look great. Thinking of you today as there is a new look from Villeroy & Bosch.