Hello again

Hi :)
I've been meaning to be here, life just rushes by doesn't it.  I'll start off slow, and try to get back into the habit, because it is a good habit to get back into.
So much has been going on, growing children, life, learning, lots of work on the house, learning to ride our bikes without training wheels! a kitten!
Hope you are all well.

april garden new kitten april feijoas learning to ride new kitten april photo by Isla
-above photo by Isla :)
climbing trees Oscar Uno Thomas Helping dad anzac parade Anzac war planes trains deer in the forrest


Anonymous said...

welcome back! feels good to read that everything is fine :)

Flower said...

Hannah Bonannah!

hanna said...

Hi flower :) That's me :) hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Great to see your photos and so appreciate your time to post these. They are precious glimpses into your life from afar.

Hannah said...

Lovely photographs! Life does indeed rush by so quickly. We have a little black kitten joining our home soon too :o)