Sowing tomatoes and making fertiliser

:: My garden diary ::

This is a catch up post on the gardening diary front, from last week.
It's tomato seedling planting time, it seems so early to be thinking about tomatoes, but I really want to hit the ground running this year. Last year my dream of bottled, dried, sauced tomatoes faded quickly as I got my seedlings in the ground far too late, those weeks just rush by so quickly and before you know it it's Christmas time!

Getting ready for Spring

So I've sowed my seeds and they'll be living indoors and being lovingly cared for until the weather is warm enough outside. I've planted a mixture of heirloom varieties and cherry toms.
We also sowed borage, onions and gooseberries to get going indoors.

Getting ready for Spring

Second thing that needs to be talked about from last week is liquid fertiliser. If you plan on having a summer garden then get your liquid fertiliser going now!
Go to the oppshop and get yourself an old pillowcase, and fill it with good things. In ours is: sheep manure, kitchen scraps, grass clippings, weeds, comfrey leaves, seaweed, and a little bit of lime (I think that's all). If you look online there are lots of specific recipies and ideas of things you can throw in there.

making liquid fertiliser

Then tie up the top of the pillowcase and put it in a big barrel or old rubbish bin or something and fill it with water, make sure it's something with a lid because it's a bit stinky! And then just leave it to do it's thing and by time this new growing season is underway you will have a whole barrel full of wonderful wholesome food for your hungry plants. and it will last you for ages too as it needs to be watered down, put about half a litre into your watering can and top up with water. Your plants will thank you :)


nz green buttons said...

oooh love the idea of the liquid fertiliser. The perfect excuse to go hunting for seaweed at the beach :)

Dee said...

oooh thank you! just curious though, why do you need the pillowcase??

and had to laugh at your topless son was topless today too and i did think 'i wonder what he's going to be wearing in summer?!'

Anonymous said...

How funny NZ weather is, snow one week, topless kids the next! I just thought today that this week is tomato seedling buying time. I've got grand visions like you of sauce and canning and damn it, I'm gonna do it!
The liquid fertiliser is a good idea but I'd probably gag at the smell!

hanna said...

Dee - good question :) - the pillowcase is so that you can use the liquid easily without having to sift out the stinky stuff!
And yeah, ha, the topless kid, crazy weather alright, last week we were FREEZING.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea for the homemade fertilizer. Thanks for the great description too. :) Sounds like a great compost addition and super way of making a booster for the garden.