My garden diary

Print of painting by H McCulloch

I seem to have become a little preoccupied with my vege garden just of late. It all started with being determined to be organised this year, which got me thinking, and planning and opening up my books and magazines, which led to trips to the library and the discovery of this book, which I have been carrying with me probably far too much, I'm going to wear the pages out, I'm going to have to buy my own copy. And then it just so happened that I was sent an email invitation to attend a talk by this lovely lady, which has got me even more inspired.

Print of painting by H McCulloch

I'm sitting here this morning with a rather sore back from too much enthusiastic gardening, hoping that it will ease shortly so we can get out there again. We have had some beautiful sunny days, it's actually hot out there! And the kids have been enjoying being out there as much as I have, they will quite happily spend the whole day out there, with just the odd toilet break and stopping for food to keep up the energy levels.

Print of painting by H McCulloch

So, I thought I would start a garden diary sort of thing on here. Just posting updates now and again of things we've been doing in the garden. For two reasons - it will be helpful for me to look back on next year. And also it may be helpful for you, I'm doing so much research and discovering so many wonderful things, that may help you in your gardening adventures, or perhaps inspire you to start!

Print of painting by H McCulloch

The print is from a painting by a local Waihi artist, Helen McCulloch who my sister Frith took some art classes with. Helen had some of her paintings on display at a street fair a while ago and I saw this one and loved it so much. Frith remembered and asked Helen to make a print of it for my birthday :) I have it on the dresser in my bedroom and look at it often, I would love some more of her artwork actually. I couldn't find any of her work online to show you, Frith do you know if she has a website or anything?


Jessicah said...

I'm hoping to be a bit more organised with my garden this year too- namely staying on top of the weeding! I look forward to hearing about all that you have been learning :)

Flower said...

Beautiful print there Hannah, remindes me a little of this lovely lady:
Hopefully my garden motivation will be coming thick & fast really soon! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm dying for the frosty nights to pass here so I can finally put in my first ever garden. When we first bought the house I made sketches and charts and WILDLY ambitious plans but if I get one raised bed planted I'll be happy now.

{call me satch} said...

will be interested to hear whats happening in your garden, we just planted our lettuce seedlings and a new coriander this weekend :)

meg said...

Hi Hanna. I was quite inspired after reading your post this morning and checking out the Eden Living site. My attempts at gardening over the past few years have been quite minimal, some success (tomatoes and basil) and many failures (various berries, brocolli etc)... I think now that perhaps I just need some good advice. I might go along to one of those workshops I think. Thanks for the inspiration (yet again).

clare said...

that painting is amazing x

Tamara said...

what a unique painting -- beautiful!