Matching necklaces

While we're on the subject of necklaces purchased from the wonderful world of Etsy...
You might remember the pretty necklace I bought a while back from nz green buttons.

thrift top and new necklace

Well I also bought one for my sister Adde, for Christmas last year, and meant to show you and didn't get around to it, and then my other sister Frith has just recently purchased one also. So now all three sisters have matching necklaces.

dec 197
Frith's necklace
Adde's is the top one (they come in pretty little bags too!) and Frith's is the bottom one.

I highly reccommend you go and visit nz green button's etsy shop, as she has some other lovely things for sale. I especially have my eye on that crochet floor rug!

blue bowl
Blue hooked bowl.
orchid cards
Vintage Orchid upcycled cards.
zipper purses
Pair of little zip purses.
treat for the feet
Treat for the feet.
spring time floral cards
Spring-time floral cards.


Kim said...

I remember when you posted about your necklace earlier. I loved it then and I might just have to purchase one for myself! I love all of her sweet things.

Take care.

Kim in Ky.

nz green buttons said...

thank you for your kind words Hanna! I'm glad the necklaces have found such good homes :) Hope you are enjoying the nice weather. xx

melissa said...

ah yes, louana is a clever one isn't she! love those necklaces and that you all have matching ones :)

Anonymous said...

So pretty! That aqua one is going on my wishlist right now! :)