exploring treasures

Another one of those times, when one of the children are oh so quiet, suspiciously quiet.
This is what I found.

exploring treasures

It kept her quiet and entertained for a very long time.

exploring treasures

I remember exploring my mother's jewellery boxes when I was little. An amazing little wonderland of treasures :)


gardenmama said...

i love this post so very much : )
my littles do the same and it is heartwarming xo

Ellieboo said...

How lovely - it is so true - when they are quiet, thats the time to worry :)

Anonymous said...

My gran had a whole drawer full of necklaces and other things that I adored to explore. And mums jewelery box was the best. Love these pics :-)

Rhiannon said...

What a gorgeous post.
My fondest memory of visiting my grandparents house is the times I would sit and sift through the bowlful of my Nana's clip ons. I would carefully try on each pair and ooh and aah.
Beautiful photos that will remind you and the lil ones of these special times in future!

Its_Lily said...

My favorite part is that she's sitting in a drawer to better reach. How adorable - and to capture that in a pic - even better.

Tamara said...

how sweet. ah yes i know that feeling of an odd quiet, and what a relief to find that they're just exploring. so cute.

Mee said...

Just yesterday when I was in spring cleaning fever - including my jewellery boxes - I thought, "I won't take these things to the op shop 'cos I think Isla is at the age she might just love sifting through all these 'treasures' when she comes to stay" Totally confirmed by your post and those pics !!

molly said...

oh, goodness!! i did a double take when i saw her IN the drawer!
too funny, too cute. glad she has such a sweet, understanding mum -- i do think this is the very best sort of treasure!

hope you're feeling better.