captured moment

Oh hello, very quick post indeed, because I had to share this neat photo my sister Frith took of her boys. What a great capture yes?

captured moment

Hope you all had a lovely day.
Ours involved cracker baking, a little gardening, pushes on the swings, fruit smoothie iceblocks, flat bread baking, watercolour painting, painted paper bunting making (for Isla's birthday this weekend!), a thorough clean and dust and organise of the kids bedroom, peanut butter cookie baking, time in the sandpit, planning birthday lunch treats, pondering over where I'm going to store my huge 22kg bag of spelt flour that is taking up precious floor space in my kitchen, a very sweet nativity set purchased (I shall show you when it arrives), piles of folded washing put away, paprika chicken casserole in the oven for dinner.
Hmm when you write it down it does sound surprisingly productive actually :)


meeks said...

This photo is pretty amazing!

Can't wait to see what your nativity set looks like, I'm always on a look out for one to call my own ;)

Frith said...

You fitted all those things into one day! Amazingggg!!
I have an Idea for a nativity set this year, but its a secret, you will just have to wait and see xx said...

Fantastic photo! What an amazing and full day you've described. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frith,

This photo is worthy of submission for a prize, as are many of Hanna's photos. Great capture.