Introducing Pipi

our new dog pipi

We have a new member of our family, totally spur of the moment, we came back from our holiday with some extra luggage in our car, fluffy luggage with a wagging tail.

our new dog pipi
our new dog pipi

We have adopted my mum's dog Pipi. She has settled right in as though she's always been here. The kids are just loving having her around.

our new dog pipi
our new dog pipi
I know it looks like she is being harrassed here, but she loves it truly, her tounge is out trying to lick them most of the time, and the tail is wagging furiously.

our new dog pipi
Being lovingly fed pieces of bark stripped from their building blocks, which she happily chewed into tiny pieces.

our new dog pipi
This photo was take at mum's before we had any inkling that she'd be coming home with us.


Mrs Knight said...

looks like she's so great with the kids thats so neat!!!!

Mika said...

Pipi and your kids look like they are having a ball!

How are you finding it? My older daughter has started asking for a puppy.

Mee said...

Awwgh-we do miss her but seeing Isla draped over her and lying in the sandpit makes me very happy! She will sooo be loving that attention. She far prefers human company'specially kids (Taleb missed her last weekend but he put on a brave face!)

hanna said...

Well at least you can visit her whenever you like, even more reason to come stay with us :). Poor Taleb, he'll have to come and stay too.
There is a bit of fireworks going on tonight, so she's asleep in the floor by Aaron's feet just now, looking very content and happy.

Holly C. said...

Oh my goodness, how wonderful!

She's a cutie. :)

molly said...

oh, congrats!! what fun for the wee ones.

Anonymous said...

Aww...she looks so happy! So glad she could stay in the family, Taleb is very happy about that what day shall I book the bus ticket for......