I'm always saying this

books at the moment

...that my weeks just disappear, another one, almost gone, I've been a bit slack in my blogging haven't I, time just races sometimes, I've been meaning to blog, but each day just disappears.
We've been busy, just doing things, as you do. Lots of things I mean to write about, but I just don't find the time to write the words down. So instead, how about a few photos from our week, and just a few words, so that you know we are still alive, and then I'm off to try a new recipe, from that Nourishing Traditions book there above, a book that deserves a whole post of it's own, so interesting. And another book in that stack too deserves a proper mention - Warm Bread and Honey Cake - so good.

aunty Frith
Highlight of the week, Aunty Frith coming to stay for two nights!

finally a bit of sewing
Finally a bit of sewing, it's been a while. Inspired by Frith's visit.

Eating the first of the broadbeans from the garden.

baby brocolli
I just noticed the broccoli has tiny little minature heads!

sugarsnap peas
Sugar snap peas are quickly growing.

in love with her cousin
This sweet little pea is growing quickly too - cousin Olivia. Isla is in love.

in love with her wee friend too
... and this sweet little pea is growing quickly too, our wee friend Ruby. As you can see Isla is in love with the new girls in her life!

building offcuts
And Aaron's been building which means offcuts to play with.

they're in the same room!
We've had a milestone this week - they are sharing a room! And it's working surprisingly well!

bought a juicer from the opps shop
Tried out our new juicer from the opp shop, I've always wanted one. Carrot, orange and kiwifruit juice, delicious.

washing to fold
And this has been looking at me for two days, and has just been added this afternoon. Hmm, I suppose I better do it tonight.

reason for the washing not folded
And this is the reason the washing has piled so high (well part of it anyway :) I must admit to a strong dislike of folding washing). I'll share soon what I'm making, I'm getting a bit obsessed.

Hope your week has been good. I'm off to visit family next week as Aaron is away for work. So take care all and I'll see you back here a bit later.

(oh by the way, been meaning to say - Marnie are you out there? Marnie from music? I'd love to catch up.)


Mousy Brown said...

In my opinion ironing should always wait for knitting to be finished - at moments of real pressure I have been known to pop in back in the machine just to put off the inevitable - don't tell! :D

Our Green Nest said...

Oh man, I understand, I really do. :) Aren't the beginning signs of a garden so fun?! Love it. Do you like that "Creative Toddler Play" book in your first pic??

gardenmama said...

beautiful photos as always!
your sunny spring-summer photos will take me right through our winter : )
(the cookbooks look great!) xo

Tonya Gunn said...

Looking forward to seeing your knitting progress. So fun to think of the spring crops growing in your half of the world as we put our gardens to bed.
Nice to stop by your blog.
warm wishes, Tonya

Sharonnz said...

Yes, I agree. Knitting trumps housework!

meg said...

Oh I think I will need to request that nourishing traditions book from the library. I bet you'd love "heaven on earth" too but I imagine you may have read it already.

{call me satch} said...

the thing about washing is that more gets added everyday ! i'm a bit over unloading the dishwasher ....

Mee said...
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Mee said...

You, obessive about something Hanna? Hmm, I wonder where that comes from... (onto critter no.8 and counting down :))

Holly C. said...

Lovely photos!

I'm excited for you because now you get to garden. :)

nz green buttons said...

I'm so jealous about those broad beans! mine are only tiny and most of my crop was squashed by the bottom of a little man who thought it would be a good place to sit.

Mrs Knight said...

lovely pics love the "our week in photos posts"

molly said...

The yarn is smashing. The laundry will wait. The garden, not so much ... hurray for harvesting!!

The Donna Hay Seasons is new to me. I'm so intrigued, now...

Mariel said...

I adore your blog and would like to invite you to share a guest post over at “Or so she says…” (found at www.oneshetwoshe.com). It doesn’t have to be a new post, it can be a favorite “idea” post from the past. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!



Tamara said...

look at those sweet babies. i'm with isla -- smitten.

fantastic photos. i'm jealous of your sugar snaps -- my son's favorite right now.


Heart Felt said...

Funny we have a pile that looks just like that! You have inspired me to get the juicer out again, it's been in the cupboard all winter. x

Marnie said...

Oh my goodness! You have been on my mind so much lately! Would LOVE to catch up, lots to share ;)