Busy back at home

We had a lovely little holiday away, the kids had all sorts of adventures, which will continue to be talked about for a while. We came back tired but happy. And we had a gloriously sunny long weekend, Monday was a public holiday. It really feels like summer is here all of a sudden, yay.

who's hiding in that hole


feeding the horses

Giant dumptruck
Waihi gold mine

marshmellows on the fire
silver fern path



molly said...

Ah, welcome home. These photos are magnificent (nothing I like better than getting out into the wild wide open!)

gardenmama said...

amazing photos!
i love the cows : )
it looks like you enjoyed a lovely time!

Mrs Knight said...

love love love!

Holly C. said...

Oh, how fun!

Anonymous said...

What gems of photos - capturing the learning going on. Love the roasting marshmallows one.
Love GG

Anonymous said...

What 'treasures' does Liam have stuffed in that bag?
Saxon got chased by those very same cows just the other day, they seem to love kids don't they.

hanna said...

oh yeah, the 'treasures' in the bag, I'm so used to 'treasures' being toted around I didn't even notice! They would be those silverferns Isla is walking along, how could they not come home with us!! They almost came home to Auckland too, I managed to whip them out of the car at the last minute, he's forgotten all about them fortunately.