Happy weekending everyone

fishing in the yet to be filled sandpit

We've had a busy Friday, I went a little bit mad and decided to re-arrange the whole house. All because of those great big jars you see, they created a small wave, which kind of grew into a humungus tidal wave. I really did go a bit overboard, and now I'm feeling rather exhausted. Liam came into the dinning room at one stage and said, "mum, why are you making a big mess!!?" with a kind of amused, surprised, what-on-earth-are-you-doing sort of voice. So anyway, tired, but feeling good that spaces are being utilised more efficiently now, which is good, very good, in a tiny wee house.
I hope you have had, and are having, a nice Friday, and yay it's the weekend, and tonight I'm feeling thankful for dinners in the freezer.

fishing in the yet to be filled sandpit

Oh and we did a spot of fishing too - this is the sandpit that is yet to have sand put into it. But we don't mind because it really does make a good fishing pond/swimming pool when it's filled with rainwater.


frangipani said...

What a very cool looking outdoor area.I'm sure the children have plenty of fun and adventures out there. well done for getting your house all organised. My siste is a serial house-changer-arounder. Every time i go to her house it's set up differently! This is her blog www.thelodgeatlebonsbay.blogspot.com

Holly C. said...

Good for you for utilizing your space efficiently.

Oh my goodness-the kids pretend fishing is so cute!

Mousy Brown said...

I love days like that - it almost feels like magic how a bit of moving things about can make a whole new house! I love the feeling of tired achievement too! :D

taisa said...

I spent the last couple days cleaning and reorganizing too! Must be something in the air. It feels good though!

nz green buttons said...

I just got a food dehydrator (mainly prompted by your great post) and it's been living on my bench for the last week as I don't know where it's going to fit! Love that fishing, happy weekend

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