Finding beach treasures

Aug 210
{Shells with holes for making necklaces}

Do we ever visit the beach, without coming away with a few treasures tucked into our pockets? Very rarely. This last beach visit, (the one in the post below), saw us coming away with some different kinds of treasures from those we normally tuck into our pockets. Normally we find shell treasures, or stone treasures, or maybe driftwood treasures, or maybe a feather. But this was more along the lines of pirate sorts of treasures - coins. We only walked a short distance, but we kept spotting coins sitting in the sand, some newish coins, some really old coins, all encrusted with salt and sand, it was intriguing.

Aug 212

This beach is normally a white sandy beach, but this time the sand was very black as recent stormy weather had washed away all the white top sand. My theory is, that coins that had been lost from pockets over the years, had made their way through these top layers of soft sand and come to rest in the hard black dense sand beneath. And so the recent stormy weather had left them all exposed.

Aug 084

Unfortunately the tide was quickly coming in so we had to end our walk, but I keep wondering what other treasures we might have found.


Stella said...

Wow, how cool! That must've been so exciting for your kids! (I would've been pretty excited too, come to think of it...)

Holly C. said...

Lovely little treasures!

melissa said...

i love this post. :)

Widge said...

wow score on the coins!!

Heart Felt said...

This makes me want to head off to the coast...wonderful. x