Strawberry love

My hands down favourite thing in my garden this year has been my strawberry patch. I think I could have filled a truck with all the strawberries that it has produced this year, and they are still going! We're not getting many now, but probably once a week we get a big bowl full like this.
I planted about six plants last summer, and then planted out all the little runners that came off them, so we probably have about fifteen plants now.
I've kind of neglected them too, they didn't get much water over summer, and I don't feed them with anything, the only thing I do is mulch them with pine needles at the start of the season.
The other day we were out there foraging for berries and I was just thinking about how much I love those little plants, and how good they have been to us when I found this leaf.
How perfect.


Mrs Knight said...

neat! and oh my, yes your strawberrys have treated yous very well this summer to be lasting this long too!

Leah said...

so sweet and wonderful colours.

nz green buttons said...

How cool is that leaf? I think it must have been a bumper strawberry season, our plants did really well too and I even saved up enough to make jam. Now you'll have to find some more room for all the new runners

gardenmama said...

Love that last photo!!
Strawberries warm from the sun are the best! Gathering them from the garden and eating such goodness feels like such a luxury!

Kristin said...

Wow, what a neat leaf to happen across! sadly all our strawberries got gobbled up by toddler sticky fingers before we got to see them, looking forward to next season already!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Beautiful strawberries and that heart is so cute! I just nominated your blog for a sunshine award over on my blog for all the beautiful pictures and inspiration you have given me! Thanks!
Sarah at