Painting eggs

I know, Easter is over and all, and you probably don't want to see any more Easter eggs for another year. But I just have to post these pictures for GG (Aaron's mum).
She visited a few weeks ago from Australia and bought these ceramic eggs for the kids to paint, such a great keepsake idea, and a nice change from just lots of chocolate! The kids enjoyed it so much, Liam was very precise in painting his whole eggs just one colour, black or green, his favourite colours at the moment.

The two flowery eggs there were a gift for Isla and Laim from Great Grandma (Aaron's Grandmother), and the tiny one my dad gave to me years ago. It's so nice to have these keepsakes, to bring out every year.
And because the kids enjoyed the painting so much, I also bought these little eggs to paint too.

This time chocolate ones with edible paint!


Anonymous said...

Love Islas 'bed hair' in the second shot!

hanna said...

Frith - I was thinking, what? bed hair? Now I'm laughing histerically (As quietly as I can because I've just heard Isla stirring in bed) - poor girl, I didn't even notice the bed hair, her hair always does that, it's so fine.

Mee said...

It's better than helmet hair anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Glad the kids enjoyed the painting. Interesting that Liams colour of choice was black - wonder what is going on in their minds, as Evelyn chose to paint hers with mainly black too.
What is this about bedhair ? - I only see beautiful perfect grandchildren without blemish. :-)Not biased at all.