Autumn and winter clothes

I have plans, sewing and making kind of plans.
Quite a long list, but a simple list, of clothes to make for the kids for this coming cooler weather.

For Isla -
Recycled wool pants.
A couple of skirts, corduroy, wool or heavy cotton.
A simple pinafore dress.
Lined cotton cardigan/jacket.

For Liam -
Thick cotton or corduroy trousers.
Cotton fleece pants - with the lovely new organic cotton fleece purchased this morning :)
Cotton fleece sweatshirt or hoodie.
Knitted wool vest.

For both -
Long sleeved merino or knit cotton tops. Maybe three each.
Knitted hat (one down and the other nearly finished!).

That's to begin with anyway. I have managed to get a couple of things ticked off already, and I'm hoping, with the long weekend ahead of us, that I might just get a few more ticked off.
Happy weekending everyone.

(Rabbity corduroy skirt )


(Rainy day wool pants)


Mrs Knight said...

love the rainy cloud,frith does these too v sweet.

Jessica said...

Those rainy pants are so cute!!! I love planing my handmade wardrobe as the seasons begin!

Its_Lily said...

I'm loving the little embroidery touches. I like to think of them as a little surprise for the wearer to find.

speckled egg said...

What gorgeous soft and warm looking little pants!

Cotton Kiwi said...

That little bunny courdoroy skirt is divine! Gorgeous extra little touches. I have a list like that too for my girls. Hope you get some sewing in over the weekend!

Donna T said...

You are so clever. That skirt and leggings are so devine. I really think that you should be listing more on Felt so that the rest of us who do not own a sewing machine can enjoy them too!! I am so pleased that your precious wee angel is feeling better, it is awful when they are sick and you cannot make them better. Enjoy your weekend/Easter with your beautiful family. Take special care. I am three and half months pregnant with ANOTHER surprise!! Will be keeping an eye on your Felt listings. xx

Kristin said...

Oh I have a big list like that for my boys this winter. Really better get onto it before winter beats me to it.

kanishk said...

Those rainy pants are so cute!!!
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molly said...

oh!! these sweet, rainy clouds. i am utterly inspired by these, the wolloping effect, of such small, simple stitches. you have a rare eye. and such lucky wee ones. just lovely.

Stella said...

lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of that list come into fruition!

onegoldensun said...

Such beautiful embellishments! Sweet and simple, just wonderful!