From the garden

Oh how I love a summer vege garden.

We're eating beans and sugar snap peas and the last of the strawberries.
And the garlic has been pulled out and is hanging to dry.

I have lots and lots and lots of basil.
That I really should have harvested before it flowered.

The pesto still tastes great though, and It feels good to have the freezer stocked with it.
I used this recipe.

The zucchini has just started producing and boy do they grow quick!
I'm hunting down recipies.
This one is delicious. I highly recommended it.

The next thing to look forward to is the tomatoes, the plants are huge now and covered in lots of ripening tomatoes. I have plans to boil and bottle and dry and freeze, and of course just eat them fresh, yum, fresh homegrown tomatoes are the best kind of tomatoes don't you think.


Rhiannon said...

Oh my, I have serious, serious garden envy.
The last two houses I have lived in both ended up having great vegies patches but, due to the busy year I had last year, this house is yet to get one. Next month a friend is helping me make a small raised bed, not big enough for much at all really.. but it's a start : )
Thanks for sharing the pesto and bread recipes too, I'm going to try both of them!

Jessicah said...

Yum! I just harvested basil for drying- I have that sweet smell on my hands and by the morning the whole house will smell like it! Your garden is lovely- I hope to have more flowers in mine next year- what is the yellow one, and is it edible?

Heart Felt said...

Wonderful...I miss my garden so much. x

kimberlee said...

wow eee! you must be feeding that garden organic compost and pure love.

home, heart, happiness said...

That bread looks absolutely delicious!!! Now it's s toss up between this bread or courgette and choc muffins?!! x