Cleaning in Spring

I'm in Spring cleaning mode. I do it every Spring, I don't mean to, it just happens, I can't help myself. I just found this post from last year. It's funny looking back on it actually and feeling the same change of season and noticing the same things, but thinking about the year that has been and the things that have changed - especially the children! (Actually, I'm appreciating having this little blog just now, how nice it is to have a little sneak peek back at what was going on in our everyday life, little things that you don't tend to remember, just the simple everyday.)

But anyway, I digress.
Spring cleaning, anyone else doing it? I get itchy to have a good clean out at this time of the year, vacumme every nook and cranny, dust in places that don't often get dusted, wipe ceilings, clean windows - the sort of things that you never seem to have the time to get to. I get itchy to do them, but I also get a little frustrated, because of course that elusive 'time to do them' doesn't suddenly appear like the Spring flowers do.
But I've come up with a little solution this year, a simple little solution that I must say has helped immensely. I took out my little notebook and went through each room writing down every task that I'd like to get done. So instead of being overwhelmed by the job in front of me, and not knowing where to begin, I now have each room broken down into a list of small simple tasks. Tasks that will only take 5, or maybe 15 mins to do. So when I have a little snippet of time and there is nothing urgent calling me, I get out my notebook and get something ticked off the list. I tell you, it is so satisfying!

It feels good to empty out the house a bit too, going through the cupboards and finding things that I don't need or that don't fit. I've photographed and listed a whole lot of clothes and put them on TradeMe to sell, lots of things have gone to the oppshop, and I've finally photographed a pile of pretty vintage things that I've been meaning to put on Etsy. Hopefully I'll get around to listing them this week.

And the kids have been helping too! They have helped me clean all the windows, inside and out. I fill a little spray bottle with water and a bit of vinegar and dish liquid, give them a cloth each, and they fight over who is going to do the spraying. And boy it's nice to have sparkly clean windows, we get a lot of sea salt build up on the outside (and dirty little finger prints on the inside!). I didn't realise how dirty they were! The sunny Spring world outside looks so much more sunny now.

And yes, the photos are totally unrelated. Because really, who wants to see photos of things being cleaned, and also I don't normally tend to feel inspired to take photos of my cleaning.
The photos are of a little scene I came across on the lounge floor while the kids were playing outside, an upside down basket with something mysterious underneath. Liam came in to show me what it was. A treasured little bunny in his cage being well looked after. Of course.

Liam found this little bunny at the oppshop a while ago and immediately tucked it under his arm, I'm seriously thinking we might have to get a real one oneday. I do have a soft spot for those little lop-eared ones.


kimberlee said...

wow you are organised. love it!

BellaBree said...

I love a good list!....and think thats a great way of doing what seems at the mo, and mammoth task! Might just have to give it a go - happy cleaning and ticking off!!

Flowers said...

Nice blog with nice pictures. your bunny looks cute. Enjoyed your blog. happy cleaning and ticking off!!

Karen said...

When I first read this post I was confused....spring's snowing outside! And then I figured it out, we're in different hemispheres. I will live vicariously through your blog this winter when we have 3 feet of snow in the driveway that needs to be shoveled and the wind chill is -35C.