A recent opp shop visit

You know, I think about 90% of the stuff in our house is from the opp shop, or second hand at least. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm not exagerating. We very rarely buy anything new. I never seem to have the need to, I find that if there is something I need I can always find it second hand (and often better quality than what I could buy new) , either at my local opp shop or on TradeMe. I think it does help that I have two very big opp shops near by, that have a high turnover of goods. I have to ban myself from going too often as I always come out with something - (and we are trying to save all our pennies so we can get this house extension of ours started - though in saying that, I am saving money really, as long as I'm not buying too many things that we don't really need).

This is what I bought home after my one visit last week.

A glass shaker, LOVE THIS. I've been looking for a shaker to put flour in for sprinkling on the bench when I'm rolling out baking and things.
Glass eggcups, ok, so I didn't really need these, but how cute! And they were only 20 cents each, how could I possibly leave them behind.

Pretty old linens. These will be sewn on to things or made into things. The handtowel on the far right is being used in the bathroom right now.

Two drawstring bags, not sure if they'll be used as bags or cut up and made into something else. I bought them for the fabric really, nice thick and soft cotton.
Washing basket. I needed a new one! One handle has just come off my other basket (which I also got from the same opp shop). I love it when I find things that are specifically on my list.

The cutest little summer sandals for Isla for only 50 cents. She didn't have any summer sandals. Perfect.

And for all the clothing below I paid a grand total of $1.50. They have a section out the back where you can fill a bag for $1.50, you have to rummage around a bit, and I don't usually bother because the kids get bored pretty quick. But there are always a few treasures to be found amongst the jumble.

Clothes for summer.

Kids shortie overalls, kinda funny. I bought them for the fabric.

Black pashmina.


Thermals. Frith your boys will be getting the two blue shirts, they're far too small for me.
So all in all good haul really, I do think.
How about you? Do you normally buy second? Had any good successes opp shopping (or thrifting) of late?
As a little side note: I just did a test on our lounge (cause it's the room with the least stuff in it) to see if my 90% thing was an exaggeration. You don't have to read the big boring list. The new things are red. Yip, might be about right.
- tv cabinet: made by me
- tv: Aaron's 21st bithday present from his mum (12 years old now!)
- dvd player: new
- dvds and cds: borrowed or new
- stereo system: oldie but goodie hand-me-down from Aaron's parents
- couches: second hand from Trade and Exchange newspaper
- carpet: unused off cut from the carpet shop
- heater: second hand from Trade and Exchange newspaper
- cushions: made by me, gifted or bought from opp shop
- magazine rack: opp shop,
- magazines: gifted, opp shop, or new
- crochet throws: opp shop
- sheepskin: TradeMe website
- paper garland: gift
- curtains: in the house already and from the opp shop
- mirror: from my Dad's shed
- bird mobile: made by me
- vases: opp shop, made by me or gifted
- painting: made by mum
- kids toys: gifted and from opp shopp
- Rimu front door stored behind the couch (for the extension): gifted
- kids wooden table and chair: opp shop
- basket of books: basket from opp shop, books gifted or from opp shop
- lamp stand: second hand off TradeMe website
- lamp shade: new


mee said...

He he Hanna-you would make your great Granny proud!!What I'm amazed at is how you fit it all in!!

meg said...

Wow what a great shop you must have nearby. I have yet to find a brilliant one. There are a couple near us (Mt Albert) but no really big ones except for SaveMart (massive clothing warehouse) in New Lynn. Will you share your $1.50 bag shop? Pretty please?

Jessicah said...

I have found the op shopping pretty good out in Papakura. I seem to have found lots of things on my 'list' lately- maybe I need to share some of them on my blog!

LIESL said...

I never find such good deals at op shops. Am I going to the wrong ones? I can usually get the same thing brand new on sales for the prices the op shops around me charge. Any secrets in op shopping you'd share?

Tamara said...

the fact that 90% of your belongings around the house are second-hand is really inspirational! i am not a good thrift-store shopper. i buy things i don't need and don't find anything on my list. it is a bit of an art, i think, to make each purchase, wherever i am shopping, as if it was an investment instead of impulse.

Jo's Place said...

WOW what great finds. Out West the only really good clothing shop is Merlins in Glen Eden. Great finds to be had in there, but otherwise it's slim pickings.

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Such treasures for such little money!You are the thrifty queen!!! The little shoes for Isla are the bestest!!!

Normatika said...

Hi there, lucky you, those are some really great finds.

Leah said...

Im a sucker for old linens, great haul you brought home, loving those tops too. Love to op shop.

Heart Felt said...

Great finds ~ love the egg cups. I'm the same ~ hardly ever buy new. Trade Me is great, Garage Sales, car boot sales, op-shops and Savemart. I never buy the kids new toys ~ but the pressure is being put on me by Charlie who will be turning 4 at Xmas ~ Transformer pressure. Trade Me might be the place to look for that one. Great finds Hanna as usual. xx

Liesl said...

Awesome finds! And way to go buying so much secondhand!
And I agree, so much secondhand stuff is better than new stuff.
Buying new is always the last straw for me--if I can't make it (or don't have the time) I look for it second hand or handmade elsewhere, then finally, if I have no luck, I buy it new.

--ginger. said...

My house is full of second hand. I like it better. I find that when I walk into a full price stores, I get all tense and spend the whole time thinking I could probably get what I needed if I'd just wait. But you all have GREAT sounding opp shops. So nifty. I think thrifting is just a good way to live.

Anonymous said...

Op shops are quite new to me here in Nz (they don't really exist in South Africa)- although we had loads of second hand stuff. Now i can't get enough of the op shops - they are such fun! Yours seem to be really well priced, ours down here are getting a bit cheeky and a bit sterile.

ringmaster said...

amazing finds!!!

Anonymous said...

What great finds!! We too have had lots of 'success' recently with op shops :) but no garage sales :( ! x